Development of an Internet of Things - based Fish Feeding Robot Prototype with a Water Level Monitoring System for Pond Use

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Abdul Kadir Muhammad , Dermawan


The purpose of this study is to develop an internet of things - based fish feeding robot prototype that equipped with a water level monitoring system for pond use. The robot prototype presented in this paper consists of a feed storeroom tank, a feed distribution mechanism, a feed ejection mechanism, an ejector position turning mechanism, a water level monitoring system, a base and a solar panel system for energy sources. The feed storage tank and the water monitoring system used an ultrasonic sensor, respectively. The three mechanisms used a DC motor actuator, respectively. An internet of things – based control and monitoring system was designed to control the robot and to monitor level of feed in the tank as well as water in the pond. Performances of the robot prototype were tested through laboratory scale experiments. The result of the conducted experiments are presented and discussed.

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